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La Lune stands at the forefront of private security, specializing in providing top-tier protection for ultra-high net worth clients, celebrities, athletes, media figures and our vast range of partners in the TV & Film production industry. Our distinction lies in our commitment to prevention and unmatched intervention skills.

The majority of our close protection teams are ex-military, most from elite backgrounds such as the French Foreign Legion and highly skilled NATO allied countries. We understand that in some cases some civilians have certain unique skills that combined with the experience and expertise from our veterans, can produce a superior service for each client.

Our Services

Boasting a formidable team, we take pride in our unique recruitment approach, tapping into the unparalleled expertise of the French Foreign Legion. Our professionals are not only highly trained but also possess a diverse skill set that positions us as a leader in the security industry as we are experienced security providers in ALL areas of the private security industry.

why choose La Lune?

We are a global private security solutions provider focused on prevention but highly skilled for intervention, ensuring that through our risk mitigation strategies and our physical transport and security capabilities that our clients and their assets are safer and more secure under a partnership with La Lune.

A successful task for us at La Lune, is ensuring that because we followed our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) our operatives skills were implemented and the teams objectives were executed, then we at La Lune can say the task was a success.

On occasions when incidents occur and protocols have been tested, when the scenarios were resolved (with or without knowledge to the client) we embrace these moments as it tests us as operators and as a company and that is when we can say, the mission was accomplished successfully.

  • Executive protection / Close protection teams

  • Elite security chauffeurs
  • Covert surveillance
  • Private Jet Arrangements
  • VIP event security
  • K9 units
  • Residential security teams

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At La Lune Security Solutions, we are committed to upholding the confidentiality requirements of our clients.

 For this reason, we often refrain from publicly disclosing our clients and productions unless they are already publicly available.

Our documented work above is only a glimpse of some of the work that we are involved in that has already been disclosed in the public domain via other sources, otherwise we guarantee 100% client confidentiality!


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