Private Security Consultancy

Focused on prevention, skilled in intervention

Security Consultants

La Lune Security Solutions offers comprehensive consultancy services, specializing in analyzing your current or upcoming structures, assets, and facilities. Our approach involves a thorough examination, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing strategic recommendations for improvement. We provide rigorous assessments of assets and facilities, pinpointing weaknesses and proposing tailored solutions to enhance overall security. For companies without an established security function, we offer external expertise for specific security-related tasks, ensuring the benefit of our experience. Executives often turn to external experts due to time constraints, lack of in-house specialized knowledge, or the need for an independent and objective assessment. La Lune Security Solutions provides fresh perspectives, independent insights, and flexibility in personnel hiring, contributing to the overall enhancement of your organization’s security. We stand ready to support and fortify your organizational resilience.

  • Risk analysis
  • Incident response planning
  • Analysis of organization risk
  • Threat assessment
  • Security risk management
  • Security awareness training
  • Physical Security Measures
  • Risk calculation