Focused on prevention, skilled in intervention

Preserving the Integrity of News Reporting

La Lune Security Solutions offers comprehensive security solutions for all correspondents regardless of the organization they are affiliated to.

Our close protection operatives are trained to assess and mitigate risks to the personal safety of journalists. They provide a physical security presence and take measures to prevent harm from potential threats, including violence, kidnapping, or attacks. They also assist with logistical aspects, including securing accommodations, managing equipment, and coordinating with local support staff.

Above all our media safety advisors have experience operating in conflict zones and hostile environments and provide valuable lifesaving advice during states of emergencies and conflicts or in situations where events take an unexpected turn for the worst, potentially putting the lives of everyone at risk.

  • Coordination with Local Authorities

  • Risk Assessment

  • Secure Transportation Services

Media Security & Safety
  • Access Control Measures

  • Crisis Response Planning

  • Discreet Security Presence

TV Product Security
  • Field Safety Training

  • Personalized Security Plans

  • Emergency Evacuation Protocols