Private Military Capabilities

Focused on prevention, skilled in intervention

Private Military Expertise

La Lunes private military capabilities are built on the foundations of our teams’ wealth of expertise gained as former serving soldiers of the French Foreign Legion, UK armed forces and other NATO Allied forces. 

We are open to dialogue with any government agencies and sanctioned NGO’s for the provision of humanitarian, medical, training and security support. 

We also have the capabilities to provide overall support and advice in securing and maintaining areas designated for mining or areas designated as off limits to the civilian population. 

Private Military Security Company Dubai
  • Risk assessment
  • Armed Response Teams
  • Combat veterans
Private Military Security Company
  • Robust security protocols
  • Preventative Security Measures
  • Covert / Overt capabilities
TV Product Security
  • Quick response force
  • Coordinated team dynamics
  • Medically qualified