Residential Security

Focused on prevention, skilled in intervention

Protect What Matters Most

Protect what matters most and enjoy your peace of mind. La Lune Security Solutions provides personalized residential security services that cater to your exact needs, delivering a smooth experience that guarantees peace of mind for you and your family.

We offer physical residential security teams made up of experienced operatives with backgrounds in some of the world’s most elite units of law enforcement and the military.

Having a robust security protocol in place in your residence will guarantee that no detail is overlooked and will ensure that risks are minimized to the fullest extent.

Our approach is non-intrusive. We ensure the residence remains secure without disrupting our clients’ daily lifestyle or comfort whenever possible.

Contact us today to benefit from our non-contractual residential risk analysis and learn more about how our extensive experience in residential security services can provide you with peace of mind.

Residential Security Solutions
  • Advanced CCTV technology
  • Facial recognition capabilities
  • 24h physical security presence
  • Rapid response team
  • On site Vehicle patrols
  • Daily SITREP (Situation Reports)
TV Product Security
  • Advanced mail screening
  • Emergency evacuation plans
  • Fire & safety protocols