Secure Transport Services

Focused on prevention, skilled in intervention

Comprehensive Transport Services

La Lune Transport Solutions provides comprehensive transport services covering all modes of travel worldwide.

La Lune Transport Solutions continues to prioritize the safety and security of our clients by ensuring that all our drivers are of the highest calibre. We focus on recruiting personnel with backgrounds in ex-military, law enforcement, or government agencies to maintain our standards.

Our drivers possess a security-embedded mindset, ensuring they are not only highly skilled in security protocols but also proficient drivers. This dual expertise guarantees both your safety and the security of any merchandise entrusted to our company for transport.

We provide an exceptional private aviation experience with our partnerships with some of the most exclusive private aviation companies and private yachts worldwide. 

Due to the success of our partnerships, we are able to take advantage of special rates to ensure a competitive and comprehensive service from start to finish. 

Private Jet Transport Services
  • Private jet arrangements with the most competitive rates, our Airport meet-and-greet services for you, your loved ones, or your business/social circles.
LA Lune Secure Private Car Transport Services
  • In-country risk assessment, which includes: evaluating local hospitals, assessing the current risk level of the area, providing a detailed briefing on potential risks with a hotspot map, outlining emergency evacuation protocols, and recommending necessary assistance.
  • Local destination travel guide – a specialized guide of your destination featuring tourist attractions and hidden gems to ensure you discover the best places during your trip. We recommend the best restaurants based on local or previous tourist experiences, saving you time and inconvenience by handling it all for you!
TV Product Security
  • Secure transportation services for any required duration, ensuring the safety of both you and your merchandise when transported by La Lune Transport Solutions. We guarantee the security of all transported goods throughout the entire journey.

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